Cluster-wide Saddle Changes and Rebalancing

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Hey everyone!

It has been brought to my attention that a number of ascendant saddles are incredibly overpowered and I will be personally revamping the current supply crate configuration in hopes to rebalance the game.

With these changes, a number of current saddles and saddle blueprints will be removed from the server cluster, while others will be grandfathered in. I hope that you don't see this as a punishment but rather as a reason to use other creatures, including those that don't have saddles available to them.

The intention is to make PVP as balanced as possible and the current 130-200+ armor saddles for Stegos, Rex, Rock Golems, and Giganotosaurus is not the way to go. Ascendant saddles will still be obtainable but some creatures will be much harder to find them for, while others will be fairly easy. Please keep in mind that a saddle with 50 armor reduces incoming damage by 33.33%. So a 200 armor saddle will reduce the incoming damage to almost 0.

To accommodate for these changes, we will be having a cluster data wipe (NOT a server wipe) on Sept. 15th. This means that anything that is uploaded (via an obelisk, crate, or transmitter) will be removed (creatures and dinos), so please download all of your uploaded creatures and items before the Sept 15th. Also, the server will be down or password protected for an extended period of time to resolve these changes.

Here's the list of saddles and blueprints that are being grandfathered in and will not be removed:

  • Megalodon Tek Saddle

  • Mosasaur Tek Saddle

  • Rex Tek Saddle

  • Rock Drake Tek Saddle

  • Tapejara Tek Saddle

  • Phiomia Saddle

  • Parasaur Saddle

  • Morellatops Saddle

  • Ichthyosaurus Saddle

  • Pachy Saddle

  • Raptor Saddle

  • Hyaenodon Meatpack

  • Equus Saddle

  • Pulmonoscorpius Saddle

  • Procoptodon Saddle

  • Manta Saddle

  • Iguanodon Saddle

  • Megaloceros Saddle

  • Terror Bird Saddle

  • Sarco Saddle

  • Lymantria Saddle

  • Sabertooth Saddle

  • Kaprosuchus Saddle

  • Araneo Saddle

  • Beelzebufo Saddle

  • Thorny Dragon Saddle

  • Chalicotherium Saddle

  • Pelagornis Saddle

  • Mantis Saddle

  • Megalodon Saddle

  • Ravager Saddle

  • Baryonyx Saddle

  • Megatherium Saddle

  • Arthropluera Saddle

  • Tapejara Saddle

  • Basilosaurus Saddle

  • Castoroides Saddle

  • Megalania Saddle

  • Basilisk Saddle

  • Titanosaur Platform Saddle

Here's the list of saddles and blueprints that WILL be removed from the server cluster:

  • Carbonemys Saddle

  • Trike Saddle

  • Stego Saddle

  • Mammoth Saddle

  • Doedicurus Saddle

  • Pteranodon Saddle

  • Dunkleosteus Saddle

  • Dire Bear Saddle

  • Paracer Platform Saddle

  • Roll Rat Saddle

  • Daeodon Saddle

  • Argentavis Saddle

  • Bronto Saddle

  • Plesiosaur Saddle

  • Gallimimus Saddle

  • Diplodocus Saddle

  • Karkinos Saddle

  • Therizinosaurus Saddle

  • Rock Golem Saddle

  • Spino Saddle

  • Rex Saddle

  • Rock Drake Saddle

  • Quetz Saddle

  • Pachyrhinosaurus Saddle

  • Mosasaur Saddle

  • Yutyrannus Saddle

  • Bronto Platform Saddle

  • Plesiosaur Platform Saddle

  • Tusoteuthis Saddle

  • Mosasaur Platform Saddle

  • Giganotosaurus Saddle

  • Quetz Platform Saddle

  • Megalosaurus Saddle

  • Carno Saddle

  • Ankylo Saddle

  • Thylacoleo Saddle

  • Paracer Saddle

  • Allosaurus Saddle

  • Woolly Rhino Saddle

Please PM me directly in Discord if you have any questions or concerns.

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